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MS Windows
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LS 3a

UBSoft d.o.o. www.condorsoaring.com

298 CZK 11.90

The aircraft is part of the latest current version of Condor. To get it started, you need to purchase a license key and use it to activate it in the simulator. The current version of the Condor simulator is always available for Condor - HERE . You must always have the latest patch installed and possibly the Hangar update if available.

How to install

  • - Download and install latest Condor patch and Hanger Update
  • - Find plane at the Condor and activate by purchased license key

Why buy from us

When you buy from our store you have your licenses and products permanently accessible, so there is no risk of their loss in case of your computer crash. We provide our customers with fast technical support, there is also a chatbot support with frequently asked questions.

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